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Discovering Intention

Our intention creates our reality. Wayne Dyer

Ryan Tansom knows about intention. He has it. He acts on it. He does it for himself. Now he’s doing it for you. And for me.

After helping build his family’s business to an eight-figure buyout, he created his own successful company that helps business owners run and grow their companies like the financial assets that they are. Along the way, he began and continues to host one of the longest-running podcasts on the internet, Intentional Growth. In it, he’s had several successful authors and business leaders offer their insight into his passion, that of growing companies. I was lucky enough to be on his latest show.

His mission blends well with ours. He wants his clients to be able to grow their businesses, and so do we. We discussed how Hypernomics works in all market facets and how the maps it can create permit businesses to set their sights on viable targets with minimal competition. It turns out that intention with insight can help everyone. 

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