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Discovery, Invention, and Stocks

There is a difference between discovery and invention. A discovery brings to light what existed before, but what was not known; an invention is the contrivance of something that did not exist before. Sir William Ramsay.

There was a hidden discipline lying about, unseen from view. I unearthed it. When I did, I discovered Hypernomics. Its foundation, the Law of Value and Demand, states that

  1. Features determine Value

  2. Value drives Price

  3. Price limits Quantity Sold

  4. Quantity Sold is a Feature.

Useful by itself, it needed an invention to get results quickly. 

That came as Hypernomica (formerly MEE4D) software, built by Shad Torgerson, Kent Joris, and me.  It speeds up the analysis of complex markets. 

Just over 44 months ago, we set it on the most complicated market we could find— that of stocks. Using only stocks from the S&P 500, our Hypernomics Fund (private, not open to the public) managed to beat it by 2.35X. The likelihood of that happening by chance is very much less than one in a trillion. At the same time, our fund outperformed Berkshire Hathaway A by a factor of 1.39X. 

Hypernomica is available now; soon, we will begin classes on it. Be among the first to benefit from this discovery and its companion invention. 

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