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Gap Maps

If everybody else is doing it one way, there's a good chance you can find your niche by going in exactly the opposite direction – Sam Walton. Lots of people will tell you to discover your niche. What if you could map it? Hypernomics shows you how. On September 16, 1893, tens of thousands sought such openings in the 4th Oklahoma Land Rush as guns went off at noon, signaling the crowd the game was on. Those who waited for the cannons were "Boomers" (A), but many "Sooners" jumped the gun and got some of the best plots in the Cherokee Outlet's eastern part. As many would discover, its western end was prone to drought and later formed part of the Dust Bowl with a moving Frontier (B). Figuring which tracts were viable was tricky. But in C & D, market maps reveal several flourishing models (blue dots) bounding spaces without competitors. If a new model enters a region in C (red circle) and offers the indicated and other features that create value (through analysis not shown), it may by design enter a price gap (D). By interpolation, we know buyers will accept its specifications and price. It then has open market space for both, thereby not so much finding as creating its niche. #hypernomics #markets #innovation #sales #technology
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