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Introducing Hypernomics

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Albert Einstein The world oversimplifies. Want more government revenue? Raise taxes. That'll work. But why did Nevada make more cannabis tax revenue in 2019 than California with a tax rate of less than half of CA's? You'd like the safest helicopter in the world for the president? Put all the widgets on it. Oops, too many, it's too expensive, Obama cancels it. Do you like cool? I give you the DeLorean. But it's under-powered. It won't sell. The company goes bankrupt. These are but a few cases where thin study led to bad outcomes. The solution for them and many more is to expand the analysis. Don't suppose you can get by with two dimensions when the problem begins with four. Earlier, I called the field I found Multidimensional Economics. The research revealed that the forces within it exist beyond markets. Thus, its new name: HYPERNOMICS. Hyper-: Existing in more than three dimensions: hyperspace -nomy-: A system of laws governing or a body of knowledge about a specified field: agronomy -nomic: adj combining form HYPERNOMICS studies forces working with and against each other in four or more dimensions. #entrepreneurship #innovation #strategy #success #design
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