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Life's Easier With Enhanced Vision

The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it – Neil deGrasse Tyson What would it be like to do astronomy without a telescope, biology sans a microscope, or defend air raids without radar?  We don't have to live without these visualization aids in the modern world.  We needn't rely on Stone Age tech in the Age of Information. But you are very likely working from a like disadvantage in market analysis.  While we proved 4D data science works in fields as varied as beef production, package delivery, and spaceships, up till 2020, we had not taken a run at the stock market. Then we did. As shown below, the principles of Hypernomics have been applied successfully for picking securities, as it has for us for the last 26 months, with actual monies and stellar returns.  This fund is yet another story about how we applied the tool profitably.  We believe the fund will be to Hypernomics as books were to Amazon.  Eleven years after we started, we're looking for partners. Who wants to join us? #datascience #hypernomics #innovation #marketanalysis
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