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Structure Turns Up

Things don’t turn up in this world until somebody turns them up – James A. Garfield In the mid-1900s, there was a race to find the mechanism that passed on genetic instructions.  The double helix structure of DNA that James Watson and Francis Crick discovered was a simpler solution than many biologists thought possible and caught many of them by surprise (A). Imagine the surprise of many, then, when no one else thought to look, the law of supply and demand is supplanted by the Law of Value and Demand from Hypernomics, which, like DNA, is a long-standing structure which only turns up with lots of hard work and a little imagination.  As shown in B, two market dimensions, Dividends and Earnings Per Share, describe a surface (P-Value 1.55E-06) that drove the Value of the Dow 30 stocks yesterday (stocks above it may be overpriced, those below it, undervalued).  That Value determines Price, a third market dimension, which, in turn, limits the Quantity sold, a fourth market dimension. The secret, such as it is, is that such structures occur in mathematical, not physical space.  But they turn up in all markets since they began, just as our DNA has always been with us. #marketDNA #technology #markets #innovation #hypernomics #4D
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