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The Little Fund That Could - And Did And Does

"Yeah. Beethoven was deaf.  Helen Keller was blind.  I think Rocky's got a good chance."- Adrian, 'Rocky.' Funny thing about entering a game late.  People think you can't play just because you haven't been on the field. Make no mistake.  We're a late entrant.  Many might think of us as a world-weary veteran reliever, coming in the bottom of the ninth to get out the last batter. We see ourselves more as an untested first-round draft pick sitting on the bench.  And we've been studying the game – and we think we've figured a few things out.  Our fund reflects that. We founded Hypernomics, Inc. (yes, it's official, we were formerly MEE Inc.) to offer training, software, and consulting for the field we discovered, which, of course, is Hypernomics.  We still do that, and that's what’s kept the lights on. More and more, though, our advisors and we are seeing the potential of this fund.  We're not open to the public, but we think one or more firms could benefit from licensing our analytics.  Just as we didn't know about Hypernomics until we discovered it, we don't know what to do or where to go exactly. If you have some thoughts, please share them. #hypernomics, #stockmarkets, #innovation, #stockanalysis
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