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Triple Limited Demand

And he writhed inside at what seemed the cruelty and unfairness of the demand – C.L. Lewis. Many products sink due to scarce sales. Uninspected, market boundaries seem murky. Hypernomics can project at least three demand limits before entry, reducing the chance of overreach. Pilatus makes the PC-12. It’s the best-selling business aircraft model (1st limit). Part of its appeal is that, by some measures (not shown), it sells for less than what it could command. The relatively low price boosts sales and shapes the statistically significant (P-value 1.5%) Outer Demand Frontier, a saturation limit the market collectively creates. In 1981 car buyers revealed a Product Demand Curve (P-value 2.00E-05), a term applied to all models (2nd limit). If a given model were popular enough (as the Porsche 911C and BMW 528i), it would eventually find itself limited by the Upper Demand Frontier (P-value 0.01%), as it helps form a communal price limitation. If a Product Demand (Price) Curve is steeper (more negative) than its related Unit (Recurring) Cost Curve, they may eventually intersect. If cost >= price, a line stops, as it is no longer be profitable, as was the case for the Ford Model T (3rd limit). #hypernomics #markets #innovation #sales #demand
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